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Introducing Steep

Steep is the modern analytics platform that changes the way teams work together with data. Steep is built upon an innovative approach to analytics focused on Metrics, not Queries. With Steep, metrics are defined once and can be used by anyone in the organisation to answer data questions. This single-source-of-data-truth provides control, structure, and governance for analytics teams, while empowering end-users to explore and analyse data on their own.

Getting started

Download the app and follow these steps to get started in no time.

  1. Create workspace
  2. Connect data source
  3. Define metrics
  4. Create report

Using Steep

Define metrics →

Metrics are the core unit of Steep. Define a metric once and allow everyone else to use them. Built for control and collaboration.

Explore & analyze →

Each metric can be safely explored freely by anyone, within an intuitive UI. Build less and analyze more.

Reports →

Reports are flexible documents where you can combine charts, text, tables, and other content to create any kind of output.

Home & Team screens →

Create dashboards to keep teams focused on the metrics that matter to them most. Build them using our library of customisable widgets, all powered by metrics.

Get organized →

Tools to help you organize your content for the whole organization. Create a dedicated space for each team and control access accordingly.

Collaborate and share →

Steep is built for collaboration, within and outside Steep. Engage your entire organisation and make sense of the numbers together.

Targets →

Set up targets and get your team motivated to reach their goals. Get automated visualisations that are remarkably useful.

Download apps →

The Steep mobile apps are available on all major platforms. Steep works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices.

Settings →

Settings for your common workspace and your personal workflows.


What tools can I replace with Steep?

Steep solves your BI and business analytics needs in a new, smarter way and is a replacement for traditional BI tools. Steep is designed to be the go-to-place for all your business analysis, where everyone from leadership, to sales, operations and all employees go to explore, analyze and collaborate on data. For advanced analysis we recommend complementing Steep with a personal analysis tool for analysts and data scientists.

What kind of data setup do I need for Steep?

Steep works with SQL databases and constructs SQL queries under the hood. You can essentially use any data that you have in your database. Steep is designed to be a thin layer on top of your data and promotes the good practice of doing your data modelling further down in your stack, using dbt, Airflow or similar ETL tools.