Let’s be real for a second. BI is kinda broken..

Today, data and analytics teams are overwhelmed with requests, and business end-users struggle to make sense of the data, if they even use any data in their day-to-day work. Outdated tools and methods are slowing teams down and making it hard to be truly data-driven.

At Steep, we're building the modern analytics platform, and introducing a metrics-first approach that combined with our intuitive, user-friendly interface changes the way your team works with data, together.

By defining metrics upfront, we make visualising data more efficient, freeing up data specialists to focus on data analysis and maintenance, rather than endless dashboard building. And with our intuitive platform, more users can explore and analyse data without relying on specialists for help.

The result is a more structured and collaborative approach to data that enables your entire organisation to make better, data-driven decisions.


Metrics-first approach ensures consistency and control

Steep's approach ensures that all metrics are based on structured and centralised definitions, allowing you to avoid repetition and easily make global changes. With Steep, you can trust that every metric, wherever it is used or visualised, is always accurate, providing you with the structure, consistency, and control you need to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Say goodbye to “Hold on, are we looking at the latest version?”

Keep business logic where it belongs

By working with metric definitions, Steep encourages you to keep your business logic where it belongs—further down in your data stack. This means that instead of cleaning data for a specific visualisation, you can iterate on your core tables and publish metrics that use your tables in the right way.

This approach saves you time and energy, enabling you to focus on the bigger picture and make better use of your resources.

Explore metrics directly without having to build visualizations

Steep enables you to explore and analyse metrics directly, without the need to build visualisations or new dashboards. This intuitive UI is easy to use, and it means that end-users of all skill levels can start using metrics immediately and solve problems together.

With Steep, you'll find that you need fewer dashboards, enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Metrics are a natural concept for data collaboration

Metrics, unlike queries are a concept that everyone, including business teams, already understand and use in their day to day work. This makes metrics a much better starting point for collaboration, as they provide a common language that everyone can understand.

With Steep, you can align your team together around a shared understanding of your metrics, helping you to collaborate more often and more effectively around your data.

Organise and easily access all analytics content

Steep's sidebar allows you to organise all the content in your workspace, making it easy to find and access what you need. Public metrics are available in a similar way to channels in Slack, while teams have easy access to all team content.

With Steep, you can create a smart structure that is easy for new users to explore and that grows with your organisation, helping you to stay organised and productive.

Intuitive, snappy, mobile interface for better productivity

Steep is designed to be a tool that you'll actually enjoy using. With its intuitive and snappy interface, every interaction makes immediate sense, making you more productive from day one. Visualisations look great right away, allowing you to perform daily analysis much faster.

Together with the mobile app, Steep will help you to stay engaged with your data and make better decisions wherever you are.

Can I replace my old BI tool with Steep?

Yes, you can!

Steep offers all the features you expect from a traditional BI tool, but in a modern and powerful way. With Steep's innovative metrics-first approach, you can easily expose your entire data model and create visualisations with less effort and need for maintenance. Plus, Steep's intuitive interface and functionality make it easy for everyone in your organisation to use, regardless of skill level.