The steep home dashboard is common for the whole workspace and adapts to each user depending on which teams they are in. The top section of the home dashboard always shows up for all users in the workspace and is a good place for company-wide key metrics. Each team shows up as individual sections on the dashboard, and you can add team-specific widgets here.

Edit widgets in their teams dashboards

Edit all widgets, on all dashboards

The home dashboard

Customize dashboard

Dashboard in edit mode

Start by going to the Home page, press Edit in the top right corner, and Add widget.

Add a widget

First choose a metric, then pick a type for your Widget. Browse to choose what type you like—you can choose between different sizes, and types of graphs and include dimensions you may have for your metric.

Add a Target to see how your Metric performs directly on your dashboard.

Choose between six colors, and if you want the background to be colored or a somber gray.

Finally, press Add or Save when you are happy.

The widget is now added to your dashboard for all users in your workspace or team.

Add widget

Move your widgets

In edit mode, you can rearrange widgets and edit existing ones by clicking the button in the top right corner of each widget.

Move widgets


Everyone can add, edit and remove dashboard widgets. Note that when you change a widget you are changing the dashboard for all members of your workspace or in your team.

Widget properties

Widget properties

Widgets comes in different colors, sizes, chart types, time grains, and breakdowns. Here are your different options to choose from when creating a dashboard that will support your org in the best way.

Metric or slices

You can create widgets for metrics and for slices

Select metric Metric and Slice widget

Type of widget

You can browse between all sorts of widget templates. Widgets come in

  • two sizes: large or small
  • different types: line chart, bar chart, big number or milestone
Please note

Some widgets require a dimension or a target and will be disabled until you define a dimension and/or target


Choose between 6 colors, and toggle on/off colored background.

Use colors to group metrics, or highlight an important metric.

Dashboard widget types


First you need to set up targets, then you can add them to a widget. Once defined targets can be toggled on for all types of widgets.

A target line and a target comparison number will show up when toggling on a target in a widget.

If you have several targets set up for one metric, you can choose which one to show in your widget.

To use the Milestone widget the metric you pick must have at least one target.


Everyone can add an existing target to a widget. But only admins can set up targets.


Make sure you have set up targets and that you have a target defined for the metric you have chosen.

Targets Milestones


First you need to define dimensions for your metric, then you can add a dimension breakdown to a widget.

One type of widget supports dimension breakdowns, the large bar graph with dimension breakdown.

For metrics with more than one dimension you may pick which dimension to show in your widget.


Everyone can add an existing dimension to a widget. But only admins can set up dimensions.

Widget dimensions

Time grain

For widgets you can choose between any of the available time grains

Daily time grain shows:

  • Total for yesterday
  • Graph breakdown by day

Other time grain shows:

  • Total for current period, from the start of current period til’ today
  • Graph breakdown by chosen time grain

Time grain

Automatically awesome

Steep makes sure your dashboard looks great on all devices, whatever sizes, types of widgets, and order you pick.

Teams on the home dashboard

Your home dashboard has a widget section for each team you have joined. This makes the home dashboard look different for different workspace members depending on what teams they are in.

Each team has a team dashboard. Team widgets are edited from the teams dashboard. Any change in the top section of a team dashboard will be reflected on the home dashboard team section.

You can make a team private. Private team widgets will only show up to members of the private team.

Learn all about Teams and teams dashboards

Everyone in a team can edit widgets on the team dashboards.

Team dashboards