Your workspace is typically equal to your organization. A large organization can use different workspaces for different companies. Workspace settings


Settings → Members

All members of your workspace are found on Settings / Members. Admins can invite new members, remove members and manage roles.


Steep has two roles: admin and member.


Admins are the stewards of Steep. They make sure Steep is set up in the right way by:

  • connecting databases
  • defining metrics
  • set up targets
  • inviting new members to your workspace
  • managing roles
  • having access to all private teams and metrics
  • deleting workspaces


Members are everyone in your workspace. They can:

  • explore metrics freely
  • customize dashboard
  • set up and join teams
  • invite other members to teams
  • add comments
  • share links and images


Teams are the primary way to get organized in Steep. A team can be a department, a project team, or any group of people really.

Every team has its own customizable dashboard. Add all the metrics and widgets that are relevant to your team in one place, organize them in sections and let the most important ones be visible on your home dashboard.

Team dashboard makes it easy to grow with Steep and at the same time stay organized.

Set up and manage teams

Go to Teams / All teams to add, join, edit or delete teams. Give your team a name, a description to help other members understand what this team is all about, a color to make it easier to find your team and make your team private or stay public.

Please note

Deleting a team also deletes all team dashboard widgets

Create new team

Join a team or invite a member

All members can join any public team or invite another workspace member to join.

Only admins can invite new people to become members of a workspace.

Your teams

You have quick access to all teams you have joined directly from the menu or listed on top of the All teams page.

You will also find all your teams with important metric widgets on your home dashboard.

Your teams

Team dashboards

Team dashboard

Each team has its own customizable dashboard, built up by sections and widgets. Press Edit dashboard to add or edit sections and widgets on the teams dashboard.

Use sections to keep your dashboards well structured and easy to read. A dashboard can be divided into multiple sections, each with a title and a short description.

The top section of each team dashboard is automatically added to the dynamic home dashboard. This way you can add the most important team widgets on your home dashboard, to create a great high-level overview on the home dashboard. Any change in the top section of a team dashboard will be reflected on the home dashboard team section.

Widgets on teams dashboards is added and edited the same way as on home dashboard, learn how to add and edit widgets here.

Create new section

For everyone

Everyone in a team can edit widgets on the team dashboards

Private teams and metrics

Any team can be set to private with just a toggle in the team settings. You can then turn any metric private and select which teams should have access to it.

Several private teams can be given access to the same private metric.

Private teams are only listed for team members. To join a private team you need an invite from a team member.

Private metrics can be found and viewed only by members of teams that have access to the metrics.

Widgets referencing private metrics can only be created in the dashboard section for teams with access to that private metric.

The team section on the dashboard can only be seen by team members.

Only team members in the team with access to a private metric can view a shared link to a private metric.

Admins can see and join all private teams and metrics.

Teams Private metrics